EasyCAM Pro for Windows

A cut above

"Well, after four years of daily use I finally had my first break-down of the Acumotion system.  The Helical coupling broke on the X-axis of my Sherline lathe.  Luckily I had ordered a spare and was back in production in less than an hour.  Very impressive."  Larry Betzel, Vintage Ventures

"The Progressive Logic Sherline CNC conversion kit is really an excellent value for money, everything worked first time out the box and within a couple of hours we were producing control panel fabrications in a fraction of the time that it took before.  The MyT'Mill software is so easy to use that even for simple "one ofs" it is worth while setting up the mill." - George Newton, Newton Tesla (Electric Drives) Ltd UK.

Let me compliment on you on a very fine product. I purchased your CNC upgrade for my Sherline mill and I couldn't be more pleased...it is definitely the "jewel" of my shop.  Mike Hacunda

"I can tell you that I've been cruising around the web and looking at software demos, etc and your software is the best I've seen- seriously. Its simple to operate but powerful.  This idea of only pulling in DXF files is very good.  Your optimize paths is a really nice feature.  I paid $500 for [another product] and though its not bad, I would have preferred your system.  The most impressive part of your program is the solid feel of it.  Most of the stuff I've seen is pretty rickety, crashes, etc.  I would be very leary of having a high speed cutter under the control of 90% of what I've seen." - John Wettroth, Chief Engineer, Travtech Instrumentation 

"The mill has performed exceptionally well over the past two years and, in fact, has consistantly maintained +/- 1 mill tolerance over a number of relatively complex (electronic radio uWave cavities) projects. "  Dave Halverson

"I am very impressed with how smooth and consistent it runs the motors for being a windows based program, its the best I've seen." - Chris Belanger

"Just wanted to send you a note about my thoughts on your cnc.  I purchased the kit a few months back and have been using it just about every day.  I use it mostly to cut plastic but I have also used it for aluminum.  I have found it to work very well on both.  I was skeptical on the 140oz motors but really havent needed anything bigger right now, so I am happy with them.  The sherline mill is excellent.  Overall I rate your product high due to the low cost and performance of it.  I have looked into making one myself and with motors, drive, mill, and software shoots it way above what your selling yours for.  It has already paid for itself.  Overall I am very pleased with your product." - Kelly Stephenson, GarTech Enterprises

"I was delightfully surprised at how well your CNC conversion works with the Sherline. I have been doing some engraving to test things out. The results are beautiful. The circular interpolations produce perfect circles without even a hint of aliasing. I wrote a G code program to make small indentations at several X,Y spots around the work area then repeat many times. I found the repeatability to to be better than my ability to measure.  Thank you,  Paul"

"I work at Northeastern University as an engineer doing research in high energy physics and purchased a MyT'Mill a few months ago and it has performed beautifully." - Rich Terry

We're very happy with your controller, which is working well.  We're using it to make small steel "microdrives" which are used to accurately position recording microelectrodes in brain tissue for neuroscience research (the steel is quite thin, and seems to machine easily)." - Jim Donnett, Axona Ltd. United Kingdom

I think your software is great and one of the best programs I've seen for home desktop cnc-machining. - Todd Schneider

"I have looked at other programs and like yours the best.  Some are only in MSDOS and you can not follow the tool path graphically as your program does." - Howard Winther

"I purchased your CNC lathe, and it works great.  I have to say that as my skills have improved I am better able to take advantage of your equipment.  Our standard product tolerance is now +0 / -0.003" and it usually is closer to -0.001".  I know part of our continued success is due to the quality and durability of your products, which are running 5 to 6 days a week." - Larry Betzel, Vintage Ventures

"I live in Quebec(Canada).  You have a really great small cnc mill, I want one!!" -   Jocelyn Arcand

I'm considering your Sherline 5400 based Mill package, and it looks good in comparison to the competition. - Adam MacDonald 

"I liked your CNC demo program. It looks like a simple way to get started in CNC.  I am looking at a Bridgeport conversion, but don't want to spend the time to learn their program, or pay that much for features I would probably never need." - Geoff 

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you did for the 1997 NITEA convention.  Your products are definitely some of the finest on the market and are on the move to becoming even better." - Marvin Ackerman

"I'm most impressed with your 140 oz-in stepper drive motors on all three axes (the most powerful I have found on any Sherline retrofit)." - Dennis Kimball

"Your CNC machine is perfect." - Lai, Macau

"I love your software.  It is so simple and easy to use.  I am building a large wood routering machine and its neat that your software is scalable to this application.  Please send me another controller for this machine." - Joe Giordano