EasyCAM Pro for Windows

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Comparison between features of MyT'Mill and EasyCAM Pro

Feature MyT'Mill
EasyCAM Pro
Windows Compatible
Runs under Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, and XP
On-line Help
Press F1 key brings up help.  Help buttons on many forms.
On-line Tutorial
Tutorial section provides several simple example projects to demonstrate the process and features available.
Phase or Step/Dir
Can drive direct phase or Step/Direction type controllers.  Some "CAM" programs merely generate G-code but don't actually drive a control box. 
G & M Code Support
Support for the most common G & M codes.  See G-Code Guide for full listing of supported codes.
4th Axis support
Ability to control a 4th axis using the A code simultaneously with X,Y,Z for Step/Dir type controllers.
Configurable Pinouts
Define which parallel port pins control which motors.
DXF import
You draw a part in your favorite CAD program, write a DXF file, and import that file into this software.  G-code is automatically generated.
DXF color mapping
Associate different depths of cut (Z coordinate) with up to 6 colors during DXF import
Optimize tool path
Optimize tool path command organizes entities into efficient tool paths
Preview tool path
Graphically preview the tool path before and during a milling run.  Includes a scaled reference grid.
Real-time speed change
Can increase or decrease feed speed while part is being machined
Jog mode main form
You can jog the X, Y, Z axes or change speed right from the main form.  Some programs make you hunt for a separate form.
Keyboard support
Jog the X and Y axes with arrow keys.  Jog Z with PgUp,PgDn.  No A axis jog support with MyT'Mill.
Single Step mode
Single-step mode allows stepping through the program one line at a time.
Change zero position
Select Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Top Left, Top Right, Center, or Specify new start location.  Rewrites G-code coordinates relative to new 0,0 start position.
Scale Part
Enter scale factor and part can be scaled up or down.  G-code rewritten.
Comments in G-Code
Any line starting with ! is ignored.  Allows you to document your programs and make them more readable so you know what you did next year.
Security lockout features
Lockout key functionality protects programs against prying students.  Great for teachers!  Protect your G-code from changes with a password.
Motor polarity
Reversible motor direction settings.  Don't worry how your motors are wired.  Simply check a box and they move they way you want.
Backlash compensation
Backlash compensation increases accuracy.  Specify additional distance motors should move when they switch direction, in increments of 0.0001.  Additional movement doesn't affect coordinates.
Metric, gears or pulleys
Variable motor resolution settings enable use in metric or other positioning applications.  No limit on movement distance.
Acceration ramping
Setup acceleration profile for ramping up to, or down from drive speed
Test mode
Test mode finds optimum motor speed for your computer
Tool Bar
Tool bar contains buttons for frequently accessed forms.
Sound Effects
Useful sound effects like "Files Done" when the part is completed and button confirmations.  Can be turned off.
Setup Wizard  
Configures the software to work perfectly with your hardware.
Multi-purpose Navigator  
Inner buttons allow incremental move, outer buttons move at max speed, even diagonally!
Resize/Hide G-code  
G-code window can be hidden or resized for more room on the plot window.
Incremental Jog  
Right click on inner buttons to set incremental move distance.
Home Position   
Define a home position location, red dot marks the spot.  Later, click Home Position button on the Navigator control and tool moves back to that spot.
Icon Display  
Icons on the screen show position of tool and home position.  The tool icon moves with the real tool.
Drag & Drop Tool Position Control  
Drag & drop the tool icon to a new location on the screen grid and the real tool moves to the same coordinates.
Event Monitoring  
Monitor events like input pins 10,11,12,13,15 changing state, M codes encountered or space bar pressed.  Map the event to a task like pause program, stop program, continue program or turn on an output pin 1, 14, 16, or 17.  Useful for turning on spindle motor, coolant, plasma cutter, robotics or controlling a manufacturing process flow.
Interactive Demo  
Walks you through the process of machining a part.
Tool Up  
Mill mode: Store a tool up distance.  Later, click button to move tool there. 
Material Surface Button  
Mill mode: Store a material surface location.  Click button to return to surface.
Depth Safety Limit  
Mill mode: Define a not-to-exceed depth and machine tool will not go deeper, regardless of G-code.  Prevents accidental plowing into table bed.
Realistic Part Display  
Lathe Mode: Realistic chuck, jaws move to clamp material, cutter icon removes simulated material and mirrors the cut like it's really being turned.  Changing tool icons changes cut shape.
Rough Turning  
Lathe Mode: Powerful G71 algorithm automatically calculates and executes tool path for roughing out the shape before final pass.  Specify stock diameter, depth of cut, profile clearance, Left-To-Right, Right-To-Left, or Continuous movement.
Tool Back Off  
Lathe mode: specify safe traveling distance.  Later, click button to back off tool there.