EasyCAM Pro for Windows

A cut above

Shown here is the EasyCAM Pro User Interface for the Lathe module.  The beauty of this software is that all of the most used features are right on the main form. You can see the G-code being executed in the window to the left.  That window can be resized or hidden to make more space available to the plot area to the right.  You run the program by simply clicking the Start button.  At first you will want to try out the part on the screen first so you will leave the Machine Enabled box unchecked.  You will see the tool icon begin "cutting" out the part and you will see the part taking shape, just as if it were being turned on a real lathe.  If you click the Single Step button, the program will pause before each line is about to be executed until you click a Continue button that appears.

Here is a photo of the brass part created by EasyCAM Pro, shown in the software above.

See it Run! (1.9mb .avi)